About This Monkey

I created this blog to write about my recent diagnosis of cancer because I just think it’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to me. The bad monkeys are my cancer cells, but really… I have a LOT of bad monkeys, and there are many bad monkeys in this bad monkey world, so I may also write about them. Just… lots of bad monkeys.

I’m a rather odd creature from someplace beyond, but I have been posing as a human, born many many moons ago on the side of a mountain overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Some people have been fooled by my ruse and take me as I am. Some can see beyond and wonder exactly what kind of monkey am I?

I am all sorts of monkey. Bad, good, happy, sad. I am a monkey who has lived as a boy monkey when really I was a girl monkey and now I am all girl monkey. I used to write about that here – http://transpacificgirl.wordpress.com/

I kind of lost steam on that blog. Things happen. Words move on.

But it is time for new words and what better to write about than how hilarious having cancer is!
Especially seeing as my partner’s own rare cancer came back and has caused lots of bad monkey business. It just seemed to be a bonding thing to do, get my own cancer. I suppose one could think of it as a competitive thing, but the truth is my cancer is kind of tame compared to hers. She’s more a pro at it. But then again, I was never very ambitious in general.

We live in a crooked house on the edges of the pacific northwest rainforests, with our two dogs who are, yes, our children! Yes I know that irritates some people, but they are nearly equal members of our house. And yes, we would have made really bad parents to human children as by now they would have over-entitled their way to annoying adulthood. We really are a soft touch.

I will keep this blog up while I undergo (surgical) treatment for my cancer and just see where it goes. Bad monkeys get into all sorts of trouble so I’m sure my own monkeys will find other hilarious hijinks to write about after this cancer business is dealt with.

And I understand that I write from a luxury many many cancer patients and their loved ones do not have. My cancer, while potentially deadly is far from that today. I can make light easier than many. I do believe laughter is a great healer but I know sometimes that tears are the only thing that will come on our more difficult journeys. My heart goes out to you all who know this suffering and I send healing prayers and compassion to everyone who has to deal with these monkeys, these bad bad monkeys.


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