Wiping Away Cancer!

The other day I received a phone call from a nurse at the hospital where I am having the surgery done on Feb 11th. She called to go over pre-op and post-op instructions with me. One thing they are asking me to do, which I have never been asked before, is to purchase some chlorihexadrine glutonate antiseptic wipes so I can thoroughly disinfect myself the night before surgery.

This is to help keep the risk of infection down, and it a concern taken very seriously as everyone now knows that hospitals are the easiest and deadliest place to acquire nasty little bugs that are out for revenge from years of the anti-biotic wars.

I will have to wipe myself down from shoulders to toes, in all the nooks and crannies. This may sound sexy to someone, but it just sounds painstaking to me, not to mention cold, this being February. Standing around naked while wetting down my skin with a cold, damp pad, does not sound like a lot of fun.

It’s amazing all the things I am expected to do to ready myself for surgery. I thought I’d walk in and the nurses would flitter and flock around me, like the little birds around Snow White, and I would have every need taken care of. But I have to do work! This hardly seems fair.

What’s next? Shall I give myself anaesthetic and then perform surgery on myself? Hmm, that might be tricky from an unconscious state. Perhaps I should retain the surgeon for that.

And then I shall need to recover on my own. I do get to spend one night in hospital, which seems a bit of a gamble these days, given the superbugs I mentioned above. My partner’s surgeon told her when she had her surgery that he wanted her to make every effort to NOT stay overnight at the hospital as the risk was so much higher there. Remember a time when hospitals were where you stayed to feel safe?

I asked my surgeon why he wanted me to stay overnight and he told me I might want to access the hospital’s pain-killer systems. That was disconcerting. Usually when a doctor explains that you may feel a little “discomfort” then you know it will hurt like heck! So to have the doctor actually warn me I may want pain meds that night…. gulp!

Once I get out of hospital and start recovering, I will need to do exercises and perhaps physiotherapy to regain as much leg strength as possible, I will also need to learn to look after myself better. This means better sleep, eating more organic natural foods, a better balanced lifestyle, less stress, more exercise. In short,.. a lot of work.

If I had known how much I need to do for myself I never would have gotten cancer. What a lot of work it all is!